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     I start with white 100% Chinese silk of various weight and textures. 
The silk is then strectched on a frame.  I use many layers of French dyes
applied with a brush, similar to watercolors, plus lines drawn using a
resin-based resist to stop the flow of the dye and create a hard edge or
line.  Sometimes I use gold paint in place of the resin as a resist. 
Everything used is very high quality and permanent. 

     When the design is complete, I steam-fix the dyes, plus iron-fix paint,
if used.  Then I rinse each piece to remove any excess dye.  Each piece is
then dry-cleaned to remove the resist and produce an cleaned and ironed
scarf or piece of fabric.

     Pillows are assembled by a professional seamstress using the materials
that I provide.  These include silk backing, braided edging and 30/70 down to feather filling.

     Framed art is double mated so the material does not tough the glass. 
The glass is conservation quality to prevent any chance of fading over time. 
All framed art is ready to hang.